Review of echoes of the heart by Alyssa J. Montgomery

4 stars
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What can I say…

I received an Arc for an honest review

Let me tell you something very simple about this book…I loved it, every page that I read until the end. It was a fantastic read with the right amount of everything I love in a book,
I loved Alyssa’s first book but this one, she just took me to a higher heaven and brought me back to earth when it was all over. There were so many emotions and simply put it was one of the best reads for me in 2014 so far.
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The story is all about Jake and Amanda. Their love story is coupled with pain, betrayals, lust, love and passion. Without giving out any spoilers, when Amanda found out that Jake lied to her, she left him and married this wealthy fellow. Everyone in the area thought she was a gold digger and not more than Jake who Clearly hated her even though he could not help but want her still. Now the perfect opportunity for Jake to have her comes along when her husband dies and he comes in to take what he thinks is rightfully his.

Jake is the epitome of alpha, arrogance and all male. He is dominating and for some reason I loved it. Well we all love a man who can take control of any situation.

“I don’t like you Amanda. I certainly don’t like my desire for you, but I’m honest enough to admit that I need to make love to you over and over again until my passion burns itself out. We’ll both be better off once we extinguish our need for each other.”

Amanda on the other hand is a good heroine I liked her enough though my point of view she should have let Jake work more hard for her. She should not have given in so quickly. However she was good for Jake in all the right ways.

“You’ll be back in my bed and you’ll stay there until I’m ready for you to leave”

I liked the story and all the emotions I read in it. The story had a lot of edgy moments that just did it for me. I mean talk about hot sex, hot making out scenes and definitely hot everything else. I am truly a number one fan of Montgomery.

“What exactly do you want?”
“I want you, Amanda”

I loved the writing style and the author’s voice. All I can say is that I know I will always be waiting for another of Montgomery’s books but my only complaint is that the story should have been longer, very long. Yes this was a quick read and I loved it, now imagine if it had been longer… I think I might have experienced moments where I wanted to be the characters in the book.

All in all, excellent book and I recommend it to everyone out there who loves a good quick contemporary romance that will keep you on the edges of whatever place you are reading from, whether your bed, chair or sofa.


2 thoughts on “Review of echoes of the heart by Alyssa J. Montgomery

  1. Wow. This is a fabulous review, Esther. I’m very pleased you liked the story and thanks for finding the time to write this review – and for the beautiful pictures you placed alongside the cover that the publisher assigned this story.
    I hope you continue to enjoy my stories!

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